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IIMAvericks — CIIE’s Initiative to foster Entrepreneurship at IIM Ahmedabad

The IIMAvericks program provides mentoring & financial support to graduating students to take the road less travelled and start-up. The grant helps the entrepreneur sustain herself during this crucial period, and help them focus more on the business. The most critical period for any entrepreneur is the first two years of business. It is during this time that most businesses fail due to operational and budgetary constraints. The program is offered to IIMA alumni who have started/are starting up anywhere in India. CIIE follows a virtual incubation model & it is not necessary for the start-up to be stationed in Ahmedabad.

CIIE initiatives for IIMAvericks — CIIE has supported multiple events in the year aimed at attracting more students towards the IIMAvericks program and entrepreneurship in general. The year started with the “Young CEO” competition for the PGP1 class, where 35 teams were put through multiple rounds of evaluations for their business plans. CIIE conducted a Design thinking session and multiple mentoring sessions to help the students get started. CIIE also supported the Masterplan 2017, in association with Matrix Partners & Siemens. The idea was to get students to interact with actual VC’s for enhanced learning. Apart from this, CIIE supported various workshops at the Red Brick Summit on diverse topics such as Agriculture, Social Entrepreneurship, Design Thinking. To get students to work on more real life problems of early stage startups, CIIE supported the “Innovation Playground” where 10 innovators from across the country were invited to present at TRBS. Student teams worked with the innovators to develop business plans/ go to market strategy etc for the various inventions.

IIMAvericks Portfolio:

1. Admavin

MAVIN® or Measurement of Advertising Visibility Index is a propriety quotient developed by our engineering team, helping you to identify the viewership potential of every advertising space, and thereby helping you zero-in on the best advertising spaces for your products

2. Athletto

· Find the best sports venues and fitness arenas in India

3. Elk Sports

Customized sports wear: ELK Sports are a team of enthusiastic young people passionate about sports. We see sports as a medium to unify people. We believe in the freedom of expression and that sport gives every person that freedom to be what he/she wants to be.

4. Flexiple

Flexiple is a premier curated family of creative designers, problem-solving developers and expressive content writers.

5. Gyan Saarthi

· Pre School is not about just “handling” kids. It is as important, if not more important as senior school years, because it lays the foundation of learning. With a good pre school education, the child gains a life long advantage over the peers.

6. Predible

Developed in partnership with leading radiologists, PREDIBLELIVER enables advanced analysis of multi-phase CT scans to deliver the best quality of care to your cancer patients. Combining the power of Deep Learning and Cloud Computation to deliver the future of radiology reporting.

7. The Indian Iris

The Indian Iris aims at shedding light on the ongoing initiatives, policies and schemes of the Government of India (GOI) and those of the State Governments.

8. WIMWI Foods

The food we eat defines the way we live. At WIMWI Foods, we work to bring food that are not only immensely healthy but food that also act as a seamless addition to the traditional Indian diet.

9. Zouk Bags

Zouk offers trendy bags for millennials, with an Indian traditional twist. All bags are 100% vegan. Zouk is present in 5 cities across India.

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